am i a good photographer? *14* (pics)?

im an aspiring national geographic photographer and i wanted some constructive criticism on some of my photography, these are some of my best pics. if anyone could give me some tips to improve and such that would be great (oh and the picture of the flower gets washed out as white and looks weird, i dont know why, i printed the picture out and it looks waay better, its more in focus and has lavender tips , i guess it depends on your computer how you see it)

thanks x

(^one of my favorite/best pictures in my opinion)

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  • J-Dawn
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    7 years ago
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    I enjoyed the turkey buzzard photo. The flowers didn't really do anything for me, but then flower pictures are about a dime a dozen. The duck one would be better if the eye was in focus (when dealing with people and animals, always make sure the eyes are in focus).

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