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Why did she break up with me?

Me and this girl have been together for a couple of weeks now, and things were getting really serious. We would make out, and she slept at my apartment a couple times. She then out of no where said we were moving too fast and that she did not want a relationship with me, she just wanted to be friends. She ignored me for a week, she wouldn't answer my calls or texts. After a week she started to get flirty with me again but when I asked if we should go back into a relationship she said no. My question is why did she all of a sudden lose interest in me and not want a relationship with me anymore?

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    It's anyone's guess why she did that and it's impossible to know for sure unless she tells you. However, what you do know for sure is that she's giving you mixed signals; breaks it off, distances herself and then starts flirting - only to refuse dating you again.

    I know it must be troubling you, but it sounds like she's the one who is a little troubled. Don't take it personally. Try to stay away from people who mess with your head like that - and people who are not consistent with what they say and do. It will save you a lot of anguish.

    A person who is grounded and mature will be straight with you and not play these guessing games. Let her go and don't pay attention to her. But be prepared to have her start flirting with you again. The less interest you show her, the more she'll want you. Her "type" is so predictable. She won't like being ignored so she'll try to see whether she can get you back. Don't show any interest because she'll just do the same thing again.

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