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Are my beliefs Pagan/Wiccan?

Ive been looking towards Paganism and Wicca for several years, but have never fully commjtted to it because I want to explore all religions to see what feels right. But Ive never felt the "click" that Ive felt with Wicca and Buddhism (although Buddhism is more of a philosophy than a religion). There's an instant connection for me; it makes me feel happy, loved, like all is right im the world. It feels like Ive discovered the missing piece of the puzzle. But I want to make sure my beliefs line up correctly with other Wiccans before fully committing.

My belief in God is that there is a HUGE probability that God exists. 99.9% sure. Ive looked towards science for years and havent found all of the answers I need to discount God, but I cannot say for sure that I KNOW God exists. But I dont believe that God is a physical being. I dont believe physical Gods and Goddesses exist, but rather they exist as divine spiritual beings.

I dont believe that saviors such as Jesus and Mohammed actually had divine powers, nor do I believe in magick. But I do believe that anything is possible so I cant completely discount it. I also believe the morals and lessons of ALL religions should be taken into account. I appreciate the lessons of Jesus just as much as I appreciate the lessons of Mohammed or Buddha.

I do not believe in Hell, but I believe in Heaven/Summerland/Nirvana. I believe that if at the end of our physical lives our souls are spiritually mature and developed, we go on to Heaven. If not, we are reincarnated until our souls are developed. I believe in past lives and being able to connect to them. I dont believe in Hell or eternal punishment because I dont like the idea of an angry, vengeful God. I like the idea of a peaceful, loving God.

Are my central beliefs Wiccan? If not, what religion do these beliefs line up with, if any at all?

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    Around here we just call that sanity Hunter.

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    You are going about this backwards. You wouldn`t buy a car without test driving it .. and you should never accept a religion until you have tried it out.

    Join a Wiccan group ... don`t commit. Just join. Give if 4 years. Why? Because religions, like love, have the "infatuation phenomenon" where you can fall in love, and then within 2-3 years fall out of love.

    So join the group and wait and see.

    As for Buddhism, no nothing you say matches Buddhism.

    Buddhism is not a religion .. you are right there.

    But it`s not a philosophy either. It`s a self-training program. Buddhism is no more a philosophy that weight-lifting is a philosophy ... both are something you DO that takes dedication, patience, persistence, self-discipline, and effort.

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    Beliefs don't automatically have a label. Unless you're specifically following a certain faith, you're unlikely to find that your beliefs align with anything in particular.

    Pretty much everything you said is the general basis of all new age mysticism type things, which does share a target audience with wicca to a fair extent so you wouldn't necessarily seem out of place. But you have 100% missed the entire point of wicca while gathering up all the extra bits that aren't even technically wiccan so I wouldn't recommend becoming a wiccan on that basis

    Also, not believing in magic would be a problem because wicca is quite firmly concentrated on religio-magic practices. It'd be like being catholic, but not believing that confession will absolve your sins or that mass actually connects you to god.

    To be honest you just seem like you're agnostic.

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    You have what I would call, "cafeteria religion". You pick what you like, and what feels good to you, from every religion you know about and reject the rest. Your religion is about you and not any god or organized religion. In other words, you're better off trusting in yourself than the hodgepodge belief system that you've come up with. Religion is an institution. Institutions are corrupt and fail. When you begin to truly seek God, then the truth will be revealed to you. Until then, you have nothing more than your own created religion.

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    I believe that being Pagan/Wiccan is to learn magic, however I think one has to choose between logic or magic because magic assumes things to happen with no logical explanation defying nature.

    Whereas Buddhism is based totally upon logic i.e. logical analysis of self and the phenomenon within self like emotions , thoughts , desires etc. in order to understand these fully and then apply this information to control. What Buddhists control , others call it magic but actually it is logic because Buddhists learn the facts behind or the insight. In the same manner science and technology can also be called as magic for the medieval people if somehow someone from their time come to see how people live their lives now with cell phones, TVs, airplanes etc.

    My advice to you is to pursue self inquiry (logic) in order to awaken your inner self because then you can be creative with it like the potter to clay.

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    Your beliefs are certainly compatible with Wicca but only you would know from further study and exploration if Wicca is really the right religion for you.

    but your beliefs could line up pretty neatly with a lot of different Pagan religions.

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    No, they don't really sound Wicca to me.

    I would suggest you check out Unitarian Universalism. You can check them out online and they probably have a fellowship near you. It nearly exactly fits what you are saying you believe.

    these are their priniciples..

    1st Principle: The inherent worth and dignity of every person;

    2nd Principle: Justice, equity and compassion in human relations;

    3rd Principle: Acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth in our congregations;

    4th Principle: A free and responsible search for truth and meaning;

    5th Principle: The right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large;

    6th Principle: The goal of world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all;

    7th Principle: Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.

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    Any form of witchcraft or paganism has to deal with deception, is that what you want others to know about yourself, that you are deceptive, misleading, and more. Or do you want to be known for speaking truth and being straightforward as you are with your question your asking now. If you want to be straightforward consider before looking any further into witchcraft in to the prophesy of God, especially surrounding the Messiah. Then ask yourself after looking at more then twenty prophesy do you doubt the reality of God of the Bible.

    Also consider this wiccan is old religion, even the devil practiced it.

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    Brightest blessings; yes your views are wiccan. Our faith gives us the ability of blending & adaptation.light& love. Blessed be.

    Source(s): Iam wiccan.
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    Your question makes no sense. You identify yourself as wiccan.

  • 7 years ago

    Go to Bible Questions Answers:How Can You Recognize True Worship?

    You will learn from studying the Bible, it will answer all your questions on it's own. Enjoy :)

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