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what highers (scottish A levels) are good for law?

I want to study law but don't know what are good highers to take. should i also take any advanced highers ? if so which ones?? :)

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    Don't have a clue about the Scottish education system, but qualitative, essay and analysis based A-levels such as History, English Literature, Psychology and Government & Politics are brilliant for law.

    I'd imagine though that tutors in most universities would be more impressed by a well rounded applicant with good skills and knowledge in other subject fields would be impressive, so there is definitely no harm in taking quantitative subjects like mathematics or a science which at the end of the day is all about the application of logic.

    So perhaps a good mix of subjects would be: English lit, History, Maths and Biology

    or History, Psychology, English Lit and Chemistry

    Bear in mind that in good universities there IS a stigma against subjects perceived as "fluff" ones, so keep clear of subjects like Media Studies, Music, General Studies, Citizenship, etc.

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