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Do people with PS4s behind glass doors experience super loud noise?


Do people here with PS4s that keep it behind a stand somewhat like this-

experience super loud fan noise?

(NOTE: there is a hole in the back of the compartment, the whole for the cables.)

So I played my PS4 for about an hour with the compartment door shut, then i paused my game, closed the door and turned the TV off. 10 mins later, I noticed a very noticeable engine sound, I opened up the compartment and there was a deafening sound of a jet turbine, or one of those old desktop CPUs sound!!!

******I've had an Xbox 360 Slim in the exact same location and it was really quiet all the time******, with the compartment closed. The Question is: Is my PS4 defected (Sony has offered me a new unit in exchange for my current one), or does the PS4 have to be moved to open space? Could I have already damaged it by closing the compartment. The same thing happened while it was in standby mode with the compartment closed. I feel like mine is extra-sensitive to closed spaces.

In other words, is the PS4 generally just extra-sensitive to closed spaces (unlike my Xbox 360 Slim, which was completely fine in the same spot), or is my specific one defected for being so loud in that situation?

Does anybody have a similar TV stand, and do you experience the same problem with the PS4?


(Sorry it's long!)

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    It's supposed to be in open space. The PS4 (and One) run hotter than the later models of 360/PS3.

    Yes, there's a hole in the back of your cabinet, but it has to bring cool air in first and it's hard to do that through a glass door. What's probably happening is that your PS4 is sucking in already warm air which is just making the system even hotter, which makes the fans spin faster and louder.

    Try it outside the case and see if it's just as loud, just to eliminate the cabinet being the problem.

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