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I am having problem with my wisdom tooth. HELP PLS.,,,?

It was a month ago when I noticed that my first wisdom tooth is growing. It is located in the lower upper right of my mouth. According to my dentist, my teeth are really nice, the 3rd molar(wisdom) is growing okay because I have a large space(gums) where my wisdom tooth can grow.

Lately, I noticed that whenever I am closing my mouth (point where the upper teeth and lower teeth touches, I feel a little pain at the place where my tooth is growing. I didn't mind at first then after some time, the pain is getting too much that it affects my eating. I cant eat properly because when I grind the food, the pain is killing me then I realize that the growing wisdom tooth is hitting the open gum space below. I checked it out in the mirror and I think there is a small wound in the gums.

Right now, I am feeling tired and exhausted for no apparent reason. I am a little hot. Is the wisdom tooth and small wound causing this feeling?

By this week, I am going to the dentist to check again. I just want some initial hypothesis about my problem. Thank you.

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    I doubt the tooth is making you feel tired and exhausted. Its christmas ny after all everyone feels like that.

    The wound in your gum is either an ulcer caused by biting on your gum, or it is your tooth poking through.

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