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Bra problems (kinda personal)?

Okay so A few weeks ago I could not find my sports bra, for some reason! So I had to wear this push up bra, and it made my boobs look bigger! But it didn't fit the best, but I wore it for a few days! Until yesterday I found my sports bra! But I'm kinda worried to wear my sports bra again, because I don't want people to notice that my boobs look smaller! But I really hate that push up bra! So what should I do!

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    Maybe buy a lightly padded sportsbra. Or just wear your sportsbra, dont worry.

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    People probably aren't checking your boobs every day!

    A lot of girls use regular bras during the day, then a push up for if they're going clubbing or whatever.

    Don't worry about what other people think, wear what you find comfortable.

    You could go out and buy a teeshirt bra or similar. It doesn't smush your breasts down like a sports bra, but it doesn't really force them out like s push up either, it's a good in-between.

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    I'd try a padded sports bra. This will make sure that your boobs are still enhanced a little so it won't be as big of a change. Also, it provides great support.

    I'm sure that nobody will notice, it's kind of hard to notice differences in boob sizes.

    Hope this helps!

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    If you weren't comfortable in a push up bra, maybe you don't have the right size or a comfy brand.

    Here is my advice:

    - go to Victoria secret

    - ask for help choosing the right size

    - try different sizes and different styles till you find whats comfortable for you.

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    Stop caring what people think.

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