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Is my period late ?!?

On November I recall that I got my period on the 26 , the past few months my period has been coming in different days , it would come either from the 26,27,28 and the latest would be the 29. After my period on the 26 of November , I started bleeding somewhere in the second week of December . It would be fresh blood , but it wasn't heavy because usually my period is very heavy. It lasted a whole week but then turned into brown which I thought it's just cleaning itself out. after that week me and my boyfriend have "oral sex" I am still a virgin and I don't swallow . Today is the 29 of December and I've still haven't got my period. I haven't got any signs of it coming but I've been feeling a little nausea and dizzy . My boyfriend told me not to worry because he said it might come late but I've been freaking out thinking that I could be pregnant even though I never had intercourse . I don't know if that week that I bleeded during December could of been my period. Help please ? I'm 16

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    Well you are not pregnant, and your period can be late because of many reasons, like stress for example.

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