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How to wake up easily?

Hi. I'm in high school and one of my new years resolutions is to charge my phone across the room so I have to get up and walk to turn my alarm off in the morning. I tried it this morning, and I failed. I felt absolutely no energy to get out of bed, but I went and turned it off and then hopped right back in and fell back asleep. How do I wake up feeling energetic? I feel like I get enough sleep and I go to bed at a decent time, but still. I also read before I go to bed. Is there any way for me to turn into a morning person and feeling energetic and happy when my alarm goes off????? hellppppp!

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    Go direcyely to the shower snd after drink large orange juice.

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    You FEEL you get enough sleep?

    How much sleep do you get a night? A teen needs 9 or even 10 hours a night. That might be your problem. It sounds like it is your problem if you fell right back to sleep.

    Go to bed two hours earlier every night.

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    Keep windows open and sleep. Let fresh air come in the room. You will feel energetic.

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    All you need is need is will. Its that simple.

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