Porn induced effects only heavy users?

So here's the thing, you see all these sites saying "porn causes ED blah blah blah. But what I noticed is all the sites and people saying it it's from heavy usage of porn watching. The amount I watch it in a week probaly wouldn't go over 30mins in watch time. I don't need porn to fap, I tested it to see if I could. I can. People says it's Messes With your mind but I the way I see it, u kno its fake, and u know at the end of the day that there's no way it could be u In it and u don't fanatisiZe ur woman looking like that the. It shouldn't be a problem. Iv looked constantly for awnser but it seems everyone that has porn induced ED watches it constantly. I only fap like maybe 1 day when the fiancé is away to college. So not terrible and I don't always use the boo is flicks. So i don't see and issue unless u watch it consistany


First answer made it hard to understand haha I feel like u answered my question but I just can't understand your smart talk haha and second answer was a little hard to follow as well

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    Porn does not cause ED, it causes psychological effects. Erections are caused by blood flow only. Some people have the inability to distinguish between reality and fantasy and therefore the psychological effects of experiencing it in person often cause failure to achieve an erection. There is also the psychological issue of failure. Comparisons to porn (which never seem awkward like in real life situations) cause the person to believe they the situation will not live up to their expectations or they compare themselves to the people in the films and feel that they cannot live up to that behavior.

    Source(s): Working for urologists for 18 years. We see this problem more often than people will admit.
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    Hi Rocker20,

    the fact that you only fap once a day is ok, and that you don't need porn to do it , is good too. Unfortunately that is not the case with men in general. Remember anything done in moderation is ok, when it becomes abusive it is not. A lot of men started watching p0rn as teens and whether knowing the p0rn is fake or real, does not matter. Most men young/old are stimulated by visuals period. I am not sure what question you are asking but the fact of the matter is porn addiction can cause ED and social disorders and relationship issues and depression etc . A lot of young men started watching p0rn once in a while or 30 min a week and now they are full blown porn addicts, you just may be one of the small percentages that is has not sound young with a lot of life to careful.

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