I am disturbed as I am frequently seeing an unknown lady in my dreams or probably in real... Don't know...?

First, I was alone in room sleeping, when i got disturbed and as i opened my eyes, I saw this lady with black robe and thick curly white hair floating beneath the ceiling.

I thought its a nightmare and slept again...

Second time the same night, i again heard some disturbance in the room and I woke up to see the lady sitting on a chair beside me. I switched on the light to find nothing there.

Third- after two days, early morning I got a dream, in which I got to know the NAME of the lady... her past (which was traumatic)... and I got up with a shudder.

After that nothing happened for 2 weeks...

Fourth time, yesterday... I got a dream in which I just saw her feet beside my bed... she was standing there.

Now, I am a rational person... but, i cant think of a rational reason for these dreams. I have never seen that lady and her like...please Help... Because I am seriously disturbed

2 Answers

  • 7 years ago

    I know for a fact that you are not the only one having this problem because my grandma has this too. This has been happening to her a lot and even though she is used to it, it still freaks her out. Have you ever tried talking to this "thing" to see if it would reply? My grandma takes a lot of pills which sometimes makes her a little loopy. Do you take a lot of drugs or pills? If this keeps happening you should probably talk to your doctor. She/He might have the right answer to you.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Hang a dream catcher above your bed while you sleep.

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