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Subwoofer and amp problem.?

Hey guys. So I have a 1000watt Kenwood mono amp pushing 3 10 600watt audibahn subs. When I have the volume above 30 or so the bass dims then I have to turn volume down then the bass is there again. I also have a capacitator hooked up. My lights don't dim either. Yet my wiring is Scosche 680 watt max amp kit from Walmart. I have a 1000 watt amp and 680 wat writing. Could that be the problem? I also heard they gain might be to high? Thanks

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    (USE RF TECH WOOFER WIRING WIZARD) Google it,it's a good site to use when wiring this type Equipment.I think your running your system to an Ohm's load your Amplifier can't handle.Continuous RMS's watt's are how you should be matching up this type equipment,you never say how many ohms the Sub's you have are? So let's say you have 3, 4 Ohm Sub woofer's that are 200 RMSw's each,so you add the 3 of these together,now you have a figure of 600 Continuous RMS's so you need a Class D Amplifier that is able to put out 600 RMS's a match or at close as you can get without going over at whatever Ohm's load the Sub's are. This is why you must use the site i mentioned.This is so you will see just what the Ohm's load you end up with after wiring all 3 Sub woofers.Peak Power Rating's are meaningless and should seldom be reached.

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    You don't have the subs wired properly to the correct ohmage for your amp.

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