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how do i make my hair look naturally wvay/curly like effy stonem's?

i want it like she has it in this picture, or in episode 7 season 4



you might have to copy and paste link

Update 2:

and i want to have loads of volume in my hair like hers

Update 3:

also if i curl my hair and shake my head to loosen up the curls it makes the curls so poofy and frizzy so i cant do that

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    Put it into one French plait after u have had a shower. It will dry wavy with loose curls like that pic. Two French plaits will make tighter more refined curls but 1 French plait will make looser curls.

    To make ur hair dry with shinier curls, rub a teeny bit of oil on the bottom part of ur French plaits.

    Don't make the French plait really tight, do it loose to make it look like that pic.

    You can use salt spray to add volume (u can buy some or make some yourself). Or use vo5 volumising creams/sprays to add volume.

    If u don't know how to do French plaits, u can look on YouTube. It's quite easy once u get the hang of it.

    Source(s): I experiment with French plaits. Good luck!!
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    I would recommend using curling tongs, when choosing the correct curling tongs, go for the thicker ones as these will make the curls bigger and look more natural. A brand I would use would be diva. Get the ones with a grip on them if your new to using curling tongs as it will make it easier to use. Pleasre make sure you use a heat protecting spray as it can burn your hair otherwise. After curling your hair, use a firm hold hair spray to keep your curls looking good and prevent them from dropping.

    If you want to avoid applying heat to your hair, I recommend using a salt spray. Its usually the best non heat solution for a natural curly look. Here are some instructions:

    Use a spray bottle to mix about 8oz h2o to 1tbs kosher salt spray in hair all over as even as possible when damp them you have to work. Take your hair in fairly large but not to large of section twists with fingers and blow dry each twist for best results remember the smaller the section the tighter the wave, so make a note of that and go for bigger sections to really show of that natural look.

    I really hope I have helped and answered your question, happy curling!!!!!

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    That isn't natural!

    You'd need to use curling tongs, try a wide barrel one.

    Then once all sections are curled you shake your hair about.

    You can also use texturising powder or backcomb it a little, or even give it a blast with a hairdryer to make the curls less defined and more 'natural' looking.

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