Assuming you met prince charming but told you he can't agree to monogamy, what will you do.?

Assuming you met prince charming but told you he can't agree to monogamy and completely open marriage. He said he loves you so much to do that. But he want his own freedom. what will you do? What if he said he will rather pay you! What will be the list of your conditions?

Will your decision change if he is 1. poor 3.rockstar rich and famous.

( Close marriage is monogamy, open marriage is swingers but slide marriage is threesome or when just one of the party having sex with others. Usually the man. Ex slide marriage is when the woman too is out but ones in a blue moon. )

Pls this is just for discussion purpose. I was talking with my female friends and I was shocked what they told me so I decided to take to the mainstream!

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  • Poppet
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    7 years ago
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    Then he wouldn't be my prince charming. I'd rather be alone than be in an open relationship.

  • 7 years ago

    I would break up with him. A man who wants an open marriage is no "Prince Charming." My decision would not change regardless if he was poor, rich, rock star rich or famous. My answer would be "leave me alone you freak and never call me again." I would consider that proposal very offensive.

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