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what cld meth do to a person?

What does methamphetamine do to a persons body?

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    Watch a video called before and after meth pictures. Meth will make all of your teeth rot and fall off. It makes your skin look very aged and discolored. You will lose weight and your hair. You will begin to develop ugly soars on your body/face because you will scratch your skin thinking their are bugs under your skin. Your breath will produce a foul odor. This is what meth does to the outside of your body, think about what it does to the inside of it..

    Socially people will want to avoid you like the plague. You might steal from people to get your next fix. Many succumb to prostitution and other illegal activities. You will stay awake for days which will cause hallucinations. You will always be looking for the next high, depressed when you aren't and messed up when you are. Ostensibly you will have the physical and mental features of a zombie more than a human.

    If you become addicted to meth your life becomes a one way ticket to hell. Even if you manage to quit meth you will always be addicted, psychologically. Anything can trigger you to get back on meth..

    I don't know why people even try meth, some people like to be slaves...

    Source(s): When I wrote my post I hadn't seen Rdrnnr link to those photos. Those photos confirmed what I wrote.
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    It rots you from the inside out. After a while you look like a zombie. Then you die.

    EDIT : Rdmnr gave you the best answer.

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