What it means if a girl doesn't text back?

If a girl doesn't text me back, what does this mean?

Background: Just because a girl doesn't text me first or back always, does that mean she doesn't have feelings for me? We met, she said she had feelings for me and I was unsure. Then when i was sure, she told me first that she thought she was losing feelings for me (I took awhile). So i stepped up and took her to dinner and we hung out every single day for the week before winter break from college. In that time period, I told her how I felt and we had sex and she said she wanted to spend more time with me first before becoming exclusive. (right after she said this is when we started to hang out every day for 6+ hours a day almost). I'm assuming she is just busy with friends and family because of holidays and its only been barely a week max. I texted her yesterday and she didn't respond. She texted me today, but it was about a business thing rather than a long conversation or anything. We've never had a long text conversation, because it always ended up with us hanging out a few messages in. What is she feeling!? How do I react/what do i do?

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  • 7 years ago

    She could have been busy with the holidays and family etc. but she did say she wanted to get to know you better. Spending all that time together allowed her to do that. Maybe she decided that she did not want to be exclusive during that time.

    If you sent her a more friendly personal text and she texted back with something about business, that kind of answers the question. She apparently has backed off so you have no option but to do the same. Sorry!! : /

  • 7 years ago

    If you've had sex then theres no doubt that she's into you. Maybe she's not wanting anything too full on at the moment. Sounds like she loves hanging out with you and spending time with you so all you gotta do is chill for a bit and don't be too full on with her. Fair enough flirt and such to keep her interested sexually but let her take the next steps. Don't pressure her too much.

    Good luck dude!

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