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My boyfriend leaving me for other women at the hospital cents 04?

I been with this dude for a very long time he told that he really don't have a crush on her and I knew he 's lying that he do but everytime we talk on the phone he always talks about her seening her all over the news showing her old pictures but the killing part about it is she called my phone at 7:00 in the mornling and tellimg, me how they met she told me that she told he going back up to, that hospital to see her so he give her his baby and I just knew he wanted one by her and get closer but the killing part about it she really wants him so bad so do he he feel the same way =..= too. I feeling like that he really do not love me anymore like he used to love me when he said I love u too me I so not feeling it anymore I subjust I gonna move on is for the best for me also she is spioid brat.

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    What was the question in that soo long crap?????

    try to be more specific regarding your question.

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