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Can't get last puppy sold - what about stud?

Hi there

The stud dog owner and I agreed that they will get the money for one puppy. She said I can sell for what I want and give her the money for one.

My girl had 3 puppies. I paid a lot of vet bills etc so even if I sell all 3 I won't come close to making up for what I spent. That's not a issue as I didn't do it for money. I just did it so I can have 1 litter and experience it all.

I have a male left and it is only 8.5 weeks so might still sell him, but what if I don't get him sold? Is that my loss? Or do I tell the stud owner they can have him as I haven't sold him?

Thanks for your advice. I'll chat to her just wanted to find out what the norm is.

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    These things are so messy, or can be which is why I take/pay a stud fee (for the use of a proven stud dog) at the time of the mating. With agreements like a take back puppy etc., it's always best to get it in writing so there are no misunderstandings on either side. These days, the stud fee is usually the same as the cost of one puppy. As you have a puppy that's 'sticking' (and there is time yet if he's only 8.5 weeks) and you are worried about all this, my best advice is to offer the puppy to the stud dog owner - but as this is a male, be prepared for her not to be interested. Not everybody has the facilities to keep multiple males. But then I guess with her contacts? she may well be able to sell him herself. Or maybe put somebody she knows onto you so you do have the funds to pay the stud fee!! I'm afraid breeding dogs rarely means a profit!! I was happy if we broke even with a nice puppy (or two) to take into the next generation.

    Without being too rude, I hope your 'experience' tells you it's now time to get your b itch spayed!!!?

    ps. As you have indeed sold two puppies, my first debt to be repaid would be to my vet followed closely by the cost of the stud.

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    She wouldn't know what the norm is because she's a byb too. Good breeders have a written stud contract, but unless your verbal contract had any kind of alternate agreement limiting her fee to what the last puppy sells for, then you're sol. She should have been paid at the time the pregnancy is confirmed anyway - you're lucky she hasn't been riding you to love up to your end of the bargain. ALL the costs related to the pregnancy and the pups are on the b*tch owner, so you losing money is not the stud owner's problem. Hopefully this experience will keep you from bringing yet another litter of poorly bred pups into the world

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    its your loss

    the stud owner is not under any obligation to take the pup.. the agreement was cash for stud fee.

    Finding good homes for all the puppies is on YOU.

    This is why reputable breeders have homes lined up before they even plan a litter, AND they are prepared to keep each puppy they produce.

  • Pamela
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    7 years ago

    If you agreed to pay stud owner cash money for his dog covering yours, then pay him.

    He can and just may sue you for breech of contract.

    Which I do not blame him if he does.

    When BYBers think they are making money breeding there dog, they are just plain stupid.

    What ever you are asking for this dog, reduce the price and get it sold.

    Then pay stud owner.

    It is your loss, stud owner wants the money not your poorly bred puppy.

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  • 7 years ago

    So you pay her for the 1st or 2nd pup sold and you take the loss of the third. Good job your dog didn't have about ten pups isn't it.

    If the agreement was the price of a puppy and not an actual puppy then you owe the money whether the pup is sold or not.

  • 7 years ago

    You should have thought about this before you bred. Your reason for breeding was done at the expense of your dog. Get her spayed and him neutered when he is six months.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    There's so many dogs in rescues why are you breeding, keep the puppy yourself if you can't sell it! Also please get your dog spayed

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