question on thorin from the hobbit?

First of I have to say that i thought thorin was pretty hot and after watching the second one for the first time yesterday i am still pretty smitten with him!

But i want to know how much the portrayal of his character is similar to tolkien's original character. I'm planning to get the book and read it, i just havent got round to it yet.

I read the lotr before seeing the film and i always enjoyed the fact that you get more of a sense of the characters from reading. I guess in a way im glad i hadn't read the hobbit before hand as i know ill get a better experience out of the book anyway and i wont be annoyed by the fact the characters in the film didnt look like how id pictured them which happens a lot from films based on books.

But like i said have they got his character summed up well? (to me from the film he has aspects of bravery but at times is willing to let others take the brunt of the action and you can definitely see him changing towards the end of the 2nd film, prehaps a little more obsessed with his own goal than the lives of those around him).

also be nice to hear from those that have read the book what their views are on the film as a whole. I enjoyed the first film but i found the second one a little more light hearted with regards to the fight scenes (mainly speaking about the bit were they are floating down the river on barrels and legolas comes to their aid).

thanks in advance


@ioerr, i can imagine (from reading lotr and watchin it) that there would be a lot of changes to please the wider audience wether that means altering the fight scenes, adding in humor where it wasn't there so adding in a bunch of overly attractive characters. I can't help but think that tolkien would hate the films, if i came up with an entire world of my own i would get very defensive if someone decided to make alterations. Regardless they are good films, just not up to the standards of the books

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    In the book he's a bit more haughty and authoritative, not a whole lot. As in the film he starts off not thinking a whole lot of bilbo, eventually warming up to him quite a bit through much of the middle of the book. Other things happen later.

    The film isn't too far off with his character anyway. Though it obviously has him in all kinds of crazy situations that were never in the book at all, and jackson changes and edits his lines all over the place as usual.

    Various scenes are brutally murdered to make room for a sexy ninja elf or two, not present in the books also

    Very entertaining film though. I ultimately like watching most of jackson's tolkien movies. He does once in a while drop in a pretty good rendition of an actual scene from the book, here and there. And the art direction and special effects are really good.

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    In defense of Peter Jackson he had the Tolken family's permission to make changes to the story to adapt it to the screen and the format of what will eventually be an EIGHT hour movie trilogy.

    When you read the book you may get the impression that everyone is taking any excuse to break into song

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