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My chihuahuas teeth are all messed up and his breath stinks?

My chihuahuas teeth are starting to stick out of his mouth in the front and when he yawns I can see that his teeth are a mess in the back as well. Also his breath stinks so bad. But none of this seems to be bothering him, he eats dry dog food and hard treats and doesn't show any discomfort. He won't let me brush his teeth his mouth is too small anyways. Any advice on what I should do?

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    Unfortunately, this is a common Chihuahua problem. It's important to see a veterinarian to evaluate the extent of the issue, but the only way to get rid of existing bad breath, tartar buildup, rotten teeth, etc. is a dental performed under anesthesia. The veterinarian will remove any rotten teeth during this cleaning. Brushing your dog's newly cleaned teeth will help prevent future bad breath and more tartar buildup, but it's often reccommended to do 1 - 2 dental cleanings per year for best results. The Chihuahua is very prone to dental problems and the small mouth makes it nearly impossible to brush the teeth yourself. Water additives and other foaming dog teeth cleaners probably don't have very many benefits. Eating dry kibble is like a person eating a graham cracker - it crumbles around your teeth and if you don't brush them, you soon have a hard buildup of plaque. Chewing on rawhides can help scrape off some of the tartar, if your dog is interested, but hard kibble does little for cleaning the teeth.

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