Should I quit being Catholic?

I recently spoke with a protestant missionary and convienced me that catholicism has many errors and thinking about conversion but not quite sure yet

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  • 7 years ago
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    Religion is part head and part heart.

    That missionary is a heartless bustard who would tear you away from your roots.

    I am not a member of the RCC. I have a lot of problems with it.

    But you are RCC. Should you stay? Well, why would you want to leave? Why would you want to stay?

    Talk to a priest and see what kind of answers you get.

    I know that when a person leaves the RCC, they usually have a deep sense of loss, and they often end up not believing in anything, because most protestant faiths can't even begin to match the richness of the RCC traditions and heritage.

    Some folks are just out there to hurt the RCC as much as they can. You see them on this forum from time to time, with their usual dippy questions, not understanding the first thing about the traditions of RCC (I say this as a person who is not a fan of the RCC. I must say, however, that it deserves a fair shake, just like any other faith walk.)

    Be very, very careful if you do decide to walk away. The RCC will always welcome you back, but you will always feel a sense of loss if you break that bond. I do not say don't do it; I say, "if you do it, do it for the right and good reasons!"

  • 7 years ago

    Why would you talk to a non-Catholic about the Catholic faith?

    Many Catholics themselves don't understand Catholic teachings - so looking for a non-Catholic to explain Catholic teachings to you doesn't make a lot of sense. And if you don't have a good enough understanding of what a Catholic teaching is (or if you believe the misrepresentations of the teachings that many non-Catholics make) - then how can you know Catholicism has many errors? And why trust that person's personal opinions on bible interpretation?

    Remember - the goal of this missionary is to convince you that the Catholic church is wrong NOT to help you get a good understanding of actual Catholic teaching. I'm not saying this person is lying on purpose - but Protestants are often taught misinformation about Catholic beliefs and they come to inaccurate conclusions of what a teaching means.

    So before you leave Catholicism because you think it has many errors - make sure you have a very accurate understanding of what the Catholic Church teaches. Look into taking some classes at your church to become more familiar with the Catholic faith. Check out some books written by Catholics about the Catholic faith like "Rediscover Catholicism" by Matthew Kelly. Catholic Bridge website might address some of your concerns - .

    Basically if you're looking for a conversion - then go through a Catholic conversion. Rediscover your Catholic faith. Read about people who have converted to Catholicism from other faiths to understand how they found the truth of Catholicism. You might like the "Surprised by the Truth" series edited by Patrick Madrid.

  • Eric
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    7 years ago

    What I would suggest is to open up a Bible and begin reading the NT from beginning to end. Ponder all that you learn in that section of the Bible. Any references to the OT should be checked out. Forget about all of the tradition that Catholicism has built up over the centuries. It is not more important than what God has already said in His Word. Get a firm foundation of faith from reading the NT and then you may begin to see where your church has made some poor choices in the distant past. Church history reveals many things that help explain why your church acts the way it does today. History also reveals why Protestants left the church to begin with and why they act the way they do today. All of the pomp and circumstance in your church services comes from the time shortly after Constantine became Emperor and declared Christianity the official religion of the Empire. Learn the history and you can better understand why the Catholic Church did what it did in the past, and why it does what it does today. But remain in your church until such time as you become thoroughly uncomfortable worshiping there. If that time ever comes, begin a careful search for a congregation of believers who attempt to live and worship according to the NT.

  • 7 years ago

    The God that created the universe is also the God of common sense. Does the teachings of your religion make sense to you? Can you question any part of it without it being a sin? Can you marry a person not of the same religion? Is your religion the only one true religion? Does your religion decide where to put your donation without accountability? Do you need a religion for you to put good into the world? Do you really think the God that is smart enough to create a universe, was dumb enough to tell a man to inform the rest of us what his message is? When we help other living things we get an instant good feeling, God put that inside us all. The more good you put into the world the more that good feeling grows. When God made the Universe he first had to make the laws that govern the matter that goes into it. The more we learn about the laws of nature the easier life is for all living things. take care

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    7 years ago

    "Faith Alone, Scripture alone" the Protestant logo is as lazy as a person can get with religion! What good is your faith if you can not back it up by physical and spiritual works of mercy? What good is scripture without the 47 years worth of traditions that breathed life into that scripture. What good does Communion do for us if it is merely the Protestants bread and juice and not Our Lords true body and blood? What good is a self appointed preacher he has not been properly educated in how to interpret scripture? During their services what do they do they preach from the ministers 1 sided point of view they do not say the Holy Mass which is actually ALL Bible Scripture.

    Catholicism.... aint nothing like the original! Why settle for Diet Christianity?

  • tj
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    7 years ago

    My investigation into Catholicism as a Protestant has been very interesting.

    If you want to get a look at a Protestants rebuttal to it, Here's a few resources

    "Catholicism, East of Eden" by Richard Bennet

    "Far From Rome, The Testimonies of 50 Former Priests" Edited by Richard Bennet.

    James Mccarthy "The gospel according to Rome"

    "why we walked away" by William Field and like 10 others

    "Salvation, the Bible, and Roman Catholicism" By William Webster, Former Catholic.

    Former Catholic Testimonies on this link has a ton of articles from Richard Bennet, a former Catholic Priest.

    Supporting the Catholic view

    "Rome Sweet Home" by Scott Hahn

    Karl Keating has a ton of books providing rebuttle to protestantism

    "Surprised by Truth" by Patrick Madrid

    Articles also on, and others.

    I reject Catholicism, I don't think there's evidence for it, I can Provide you my reasons against it if your interested in Emailing me by clicking my display name and clicking Email tj if you like. Otherwise, do some research.

    Hope that helps

  • 7 years ago

    Do you not realize that from the Scriptures one that calls the Church false and in error and is contradicting the teaching of Jesus and the Bible, He is calling Jesus an incompetent and a liar and the Bible false teaching. Lord forgive him as he knows not what he does as he has been deceived by false teachers and can no longer endure the sound doctrines of the Church. Surely Jesus and the Bible should be trusted and this person bearing false witness against the Church should be condemned and treated as a non-believer.

    Let us look at the teaching of our Lord about His Church. Using construction vernacular He said that He was the King, High Priest, and Cornerstone of the Church. The beginning of a firm/solid/ foundation is always the cornerstone which holds together the elements of the construction.

    He appointed St. Peter as the prime minister of the Church fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah that the Messiah would ordain an enduring office of prime minister and that that prime minister would be given the keys to the kingdom. This is exactly what He did when appointing St. Peter. The keys represented his office and the authority of that office which was to have the power of the king in ministering to the kingdom and the authority to teach and proclaim the will of the king. (Isa 22:20-25)

    The disciples are called the 12 foundation stones (Rev 21:14) of the Church continuing illustrating the permanence of what God is building. It is not a foundation of sand that is temporary but is of an enduring nature to last until the Parousia and strong enough to withstand the tumultuous attacks of hell that would surely attempt to prevail against the Church using every method of attack from within and from without. Even the world would hate that which our Lord had built just as it hated Him. This enduring leadership is the foundation of a Church that can truly be called the "pillar and foundation of the truth" because that which Christ has ordained shall never pass away or be absorbed into the world but will for all time remain heavenly as the ark for humanity where all may be saved just as the ark of Noah was the type for the Church which must endure within the evil of the world to bring the faithful into the promised land of heaven.

    Last of all, the Church stands as testimony to the veracity of Christ and His promises to humanity. The Church is the fulfillment of Scriptures in its enduring quality as well as it being that pillar or bulwark of truth in a world filled with lies, temptation and sins that will murder souls to Christ and decrease the harvest. Its unity in His will with faith and oneness of its mission to proclaim the Gospel after 2000 years is a miracle in itself but also it proclaims the divinity of our Lord where in His prophetic vision, competence of His leadership as the builder of His Church and His promises of His Church makes it truly a city on a hill that cannot be hid (Mat 5:14) frustrating its detractors and more truly the "gates of hell". God bless!

    In Christ

    Fr. Joseph

    NOTE: I am a convert to the Catholic Church having been a Protestant minister before my conversion. The following is what I wrote around the time of my conversion:

    If you have any particular questions about the lies he has told you about the Church you can contact me from my profile, Do not fall into this snare of the devil that has the goal of separating the faithful from the fullness of truth.

  • 7 years ago

    Ignore what the missionary tells you, do your own in depth study using multiple sources, and make up your own mind. If you really study your own faith, its background, and other faiths, Christian and not, and apply your unbiased mind to all of the questions that will arise, you will come to a decision that will work for you.

    But any one persons opinion of Catholicism, Protestantism, atheism, Satanism, etc, is no more likely to be valid then simply random chance, unless it contains fact and logic that you can verify

  • 7 years ago

    He was right but check the protestant religion for errors as well before accepting what could well be another delusion. There is only one true Christian Church, it is building Gods loving Kingdom on earth like Jesus asked and it goes by the name Christian only. All other denominations are false. I have not found the Christian Church yet and don't know where to send you.

  • 7 years ago

    It is better that you start reading the Holy Bible, you will find that God forbid us to make any images of man on Heaven, in earth or any animal or fowls and make a symbol to use in worshiping God. Catholic has Jesus, Mary and St Paul in their Church, I don't know why Priest cannot understand the Bible, so sad. Find a Christian Church who is same of teaching of Jesus Christ and the Apostles teaching. Good luck!

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