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Does it look as though Obama's approval is about to surge upward; at FORTY-EIGHT PERCENT approval?

I think more and more people are appreciating the ACA after learning the truth about it. Rasmussen is a very respectable polling firm. They survey almost daily and only query registered voters.How long before our man can reach the crucial 51% mark.By week's end?

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    "They survey almost daily and only query registered voters."

    That's the problem. Most people who didn't vote (which is a HUGE number) are the ones who despise this "president" the most.

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    Its still 4 times higher than Congress's ratings.

  • ?
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    7 years ago

    You are overestimating the importance of approval ratings.

    I remember how proud the Republicans were when their boy George responded to his lousy approval ratings by saying "We don't govern by polls."

  • JD
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    7 years ago


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