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my husband is about to get ride of our cat for 4 yrs because he has had enough of the meowing all night long?

Our first child arrives in march and our pet spends all night at our door waking us up. Is so exhausting because we both wake up at 6.30am to get ready for work and me being 7 month pregnant, I don't get enough sleep at all. Now my husband wants to get ride of our pet. He's worried when our lil girl arrives she may not get enough sleep as well. We have tried things like spraying her with water and putting her in the other room, but we can still hear her cus she's loud. I love my pet and I don't want my husband to get ride of her. What can I do to get a better sleep without her meowing all night long? Thanks

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    Babies can sleep through amazing things. A cat meowing won't wake their...trust me. I have three kids and 5 cats lol. They actually say to let the notice go as normal so that kids can learn to sleep through anything. For example, during nap times of my youngest I don't make my kids quiet down because she's sleeping, I don't say "shhh" ten thousand times. Also, she can probably sense your pregnancy...mine sure could and the meowing stopped right after birth, lastly, try spaying her.

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    The first two basic things: (1) Is the cat spayed and if not then have that done and that should take care of it (2) Has the cat been examined by a vet to make sure there is nothing wrong medically with the cat and that it isn't in pain.



    http://www.catbehaviorassociates.com/separation-an... - Have you ever thought about setting up a nanny cam while you are out to see how your cat handles you being gone? I'm wondering if the cat has separation anxiety and you shutting the cat out of the bedroom is causing it lots of anxiety and panic. What happens if you open the door and allow her in with you? Does she still yowl? Is the cat getting enough attention and exercise? Have you tried giving the cat a good 15 to 30 minutes at least of heavy duty play before bed time? Get a kitty teaser and a laser light and tire the cat out and give it lots of praise and treats. Reward any good behavior do not punish bad behavior.

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    If she has not been spayed that is why she is yowling. Female cats who aren't spayed do this because they don't know any better and they are in heat. If she is fixed and still does this why not just let her into the room? If she gets on the bed push her off and she will eventually learn not to jump up. I would hate to see an innocent animal get dumped because no one wants to solve the problem. I am 7 months pregnant also and I think it is important for babies to be raised around animals because they learn to respect other creatures and I have many pets myself and will not be getting rid of them. I hope that you can find a way to solve your cat's meowing problem. Sometimes a companion is a good idea too. I find that my cats leave me alone because they are too busy playing together at night (chasing etc).

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    Dump the husband. That's controlling behavior and its a red flag. Think about what he will make you get rid of next.

    If the cat is not spayed then it needs to be spayed

    Honestly if a cat meowing is going to keep you up, your baby screaming at all hours will do far worse.

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    Is she spayed? If not, I would schedule an emergency spay for Monday so she'll stop wanting to mate with another cat and therefore will stop screeching very soon.

    Since you're pregnant, you might not have the time to play with her. I would give her lots of attention before turning in for the night. Play with her for about twenty minutes and then snuggle her and even let her come upstairs with of you and your husband.

    If you don't notice any change, see a vet and get their opinion. Your cat might be sick and just begging for attention because she doesn't feel well, even if she doesn't show any other symptoms.

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    A warm saucer of milk before bed. Oh ya I heard of thAt dahh!

    The milk is for the cat. Now if you would meow a bit more I bet your husband will forget about the cat . I know your pregnant but I think it's good advice.$

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    if she is not spayed that's probably why so if I where you I would schedule a time to go to the vet to get her spayed if that doesn't work try to play with her before and after you go to bed she might just want more attention from you if she ever stops meowing give her treats hope that helped

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