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how to deal with trash talking coworkers?

Okay so I've been working at dunkin donuts for like 2 months now. All my coworkers seemed to like me and these two girls that I work with sometimes even told me to my face they liked me. I was fine with everyone at dunkin until yesterday when I was wearing a headset on drive thru and I start hearing my two coworkers talk **** about me over the headset calling me lazy and a ***** ect , all because i nonchalantly mentioned Iwanted to count my drawer a little bit early that day. I guess they didn't know I had a headset on because she was like "oh ****! Emily has a headset on" then they both went to the back of the store and started loudly laughing. I didn't talk to them for the rest of my shift. the thing is, They both have talked **** about eachother in the past so I know its not just me but it really pisses me off that Icant even work in peace without having to deal with a bunch of high school bs drama. Should Istart looking for a new job or what? Help

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    No, don't let them drive you away from a job. Things like this come and go regularly, so it'll pass in a short time. Just try and ignore thier childish drama. If it gets out of hand then just go to the manager about it.

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