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Is it possible for two musicians who've never met before to play on stage successfully?

This is for a plot point in a story I am writing. I don't know much about playing music, and for all I know this sort of thing happens all the time. Or maybe it doesn't. Here is a little bit of context:

* It is a guitarist and a keyboardist. The guitarist is very skilled and the keyboardist less so.

* They will play three songs -- simple, well-known, popular songs.

* The bar for "success" is fairly low because the setting is relatively informal. All they have to do is get the job done without sounding awful.

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    It is definitely possible the way you describe it here as long as the keyboard player can take directions on how to play the songs, can read sheet music or other written notation, like chords (and it's available), or can play very basic stuff by ear.

    It is always possible to play most songs with a very basic chord structure, as well as play them in the key that is easiest on keys - that's in C.

    Source(s): 45+ years of playing guitar with all sorts of keyboard players.
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    If the musicians are fairly adept on their instruments it is possible for them to be successful. I do it all the time. I am a gospel bass player. I play with the musicians within my church with whom I practice. We constantly have visiting and visit with other choirs, groups and musicians we never met and we play together. I also play with an organization of 6 churches once a month, we play 36 songs at that time, and we don't practice together. I also do recording sessions w/o meeting the other musicians.

    So my answer to your question is an unequivocal yes.

    Source(s): 40+years bass, keyboards, etc...
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    If you were to randomly pick two musicians, even ones of reasonable high ability, then it's unlikely - most musicians need some form of rehearsal and aren't terribly comfortable improvising, especially with new people. However as you're making them up then it's perfectly possible. I've played lots of gigs where I've never met the musicians before, but because we're all playing stuff we know it goes fine.

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    They have to have the ability to improvise. I don't practice much, I just do free jams with friends, or friends of friends. I don't know what I'll be playing, but I listen, feel it, draw energy from it, get the attitude, and play along, and if it feels right I'll lead. Yes, it is possible.

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