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Which is the best starter pokemon out of piplup,chimchar, and turtwig?

I understand chimchar's final evolution helps in the gyms and elite 4 but I could care less for that all I want to know is what other reasons do you guys pick the pokemon that u choose.

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    I picked Piplup as my starter when I played Platinum. But Infernape is the best overall starter, as he has a great physical stat and is a wonderful sweeper, but not as great as Blazekin, who has access to a slightly better move pool.

    In other words, if you want to beat the game fast, go with Infernape. If you want to play casually, go with Turtwig, if you want to play the game with all it's glory with the ups and downs of a roller coaster, Piplup is your man.

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    I chose Chimchar, but not because of the match-up. There are less viable Fire-types aside from Infernape, while for Water- and Grass-type choice there are still Gyarados, Roserade, Gastrodon, and if you have Platinum: Leafeon and Tangrowth. The only other viable Fire-type is Houndoom, and it's not that good, just as frail and Platinum exclusive.

    Among the starters, Piplup/Empoleon is probably the best. Infernape has better offense, but it can't check a lot due to its frailty, Empoleon has a good defensive typing, but still the Speed and boosting capability to make it offensively viable. Torterra is too slow for my liking, but it's not bad by any means.

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    Well, I've always liked Piplup, but that's just me. I just recently restarted playing Diamond, and again, I chose Piplup. I might just be sentimental value towards it, but that's what I usually go with, though I've gone with Chimchar before, and it is useful (Just not in the beginning of the game..)

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