Why aren't conservative countries strict on the internet access?

Some countries openly have conservative culture and strict laws but are lax when it comes to media and internet. Allowing to see movies and pŏrn content made in USA and at the same time openly insult this american lifestyle. Why so i dont understand

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  • eliska
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    7 years ago
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    i agree , lets take the internet away from the public, rates are too expensive anyway and really the internet is a military tool. your privacy is gone. usa is only democratic when it comes to voting... since kennedys death, corporate communism has taken over with all profits going to military in usa.. not the people.. back in the 60's people spoke of a secret gov.. corporations... they adhear to no laws as you see now.. theyre people get off scott free even from pediofile charges..(eric tillman) corporate protection. corporate is as strong as its secret. figure out the secret and you end a corporation.

    for instance , make a law only canadians play in corporate teams. hey it was.. now americans fill our teams and canadians watch, american own all the pulp industry so canadians watch.. auto industry is american and foriegn

    HEY CANADA , WATCH .... how everbody else takes all and leaves you watching... LOOSERS..lololol

  • 7 years ago


    Most countries are strict on it, but because you can download a file anyone uploads, you can just reupload them onto websites people constantly create. It's impossible to ban all porn or free movie sites as more are created along the way.

    Additionally, the media and the internet is an advanced method of obtaining entertainment, the industry makes a lot of money on them. Not everyone cares about safety and the law. Most people care about the money they can earn.

    Hope this answer is appropriate to your needs. =)


  • Herve
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    7 years ago

    The US is not that conservative compared with many countries, when you look at the constitution.

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