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Tap out in a street fight?

Has anyone here ever made the other person tap out in a street fight?

I just think that would be hilarious.

Best story wins.

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  • PAM
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    7 years ago
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    Made up story:

    So this lil guy named raekwon kept calling me out for a one on one, so I get to his crib and knock and get thrown in and I'm surrounded by all the crips and all the bloods. So I take of my jacket and I look like this guy:

    They were pretty scared after that, some left. I knocked out most of them, then got two in heel hooks (with my legs) and two in rear naked chokes with my arms. They all were tapping, but (twist ending) THE STREET ISN'T MMA! TAPPING DOESN'T COUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 7 years ago

    I got in a fight at a club and made a guy cry and tap out with a modified kimura, forced him to beg me to let go in front of his friends. Bouncers literally threw me out and I'm not welcome back in the club, the other guy has lost too much face and is too embarrassed to go back.

    I'd call that a draw.

  • 7 years ago

    Once i fought with few boys on street because they purposely pushed my friend. They were 4 and we were 5. They told us to follow them to a lonely place to have one on one fight. We followed them but we were cheated. As soon as we reached there we were surrounded by 20 people with baseball bat. They started attaking us,so at last we tapped out. That day i thought that i would be hospitalized but thanks to God we escape with minor wounds.

    Source(s): Its real story
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