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Size C to small Size D to big? Help on bra size?

So I am supposed to wear a size D bra but they are too roomy for me. I am currently wearinf a size 34 C but it showa my nipples and the back strap goes to high. I have tried a 36 C but its to big around me and doesnt cover my boobs anymore then the 32. The D is also way to big around me also. Help!

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    Measure yourself and get a new bra size starting point.

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    Please go re-measure yourself.

    Your underbust will be your band.

    The difference between your bust and underbust will dictate the cup size.

    It could also be matter of the cup style you're going for. The cup style could be much too full for you.

    A 36C would make your issues worse though...your band would be even looser. A high back strap indicates your band is too big.

    Try a 32D if you're not willing to re-measure yourself, but you really should.

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    Go and get measured. When you go up a strap size you go down a cup size. So try a 36B

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