Could i be expecting my first baby?

I had unprotected sex on the 13th this month, and got a positive Ovulation predictor kit on the 16th. What are my chances of falling pregnant? Yesterday at 12 dpo i got a negative on a Clearblue digital, could I still be pregnant? I held off on testing today and am going to test tomorrow one day before period is due

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  • RITA
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    7 years ago
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    The chances of pregnancy are there but you might have test too early when enough hCG wasn't produced to be detected by a home pregnancy test. The chances of pregnancy for every healthy couple is 20% each month.

    Test again only after you miss your period for accurate results. Don't waste much money testing every day. Even 1week after a missed period is recommended.

    Good luck

    Source(s): HNY 2014
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