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Looking for a phone system to be used in a restaurant that uses a regular phone line?

I have a restaurant that currently uses just a normal phone. I am looking for something that possibly has a recorded message in the beginning before the call is sent through. But one main thing is a phone that when we are closed, it plays a recorded message listing our business hours - but doesn't take a message. Any suggestions?

*note* this can't be one that uses VoIP, or any other network - just a standard phone line.


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    Just about any phone system that has an answering machine will work. In our installations, we use Panasonic TA-824's. It has a single port "DISA" that can be programmed to answer the calls, play a message, and route the callers to an extension or extensions.

    We did one that said, :for takeout orders, dial 3" and it rang the takeout phone.

    The 824 has the ability to use single line (cordless) phones as well as system phones.

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    You could easily talk with your phone service provider. They have multiple options for small businesses. One might be exactly what you are thinking about, or, perhaps, there is an even better solution from them.

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