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Should I upgrade to Windows 8.1.1?

I got windows 7 home premium 64bit, the original one, not cracked. I was first thinking about upgrading to Windows 8 (Cracked), but many people claiming being "experts" told me that Windows 8 is like the old Vista, it consumes too much ram and energy and is slower, and that windows 7 is faster...

So what should I do? Is Windows 8.1.1 Faster than Windows 7?!


I got n i3 intel core and 4 gb Ram. Is that enough?

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    Yes 8.1.1 is likely to be faster and consume less resources BUT you have a cracked version so tread carefully. Installing an update like this would often detect the legitimacy of the OS that you have and may remove the crack you used and causing the OS to go into a 90 day or 180 Evaluation when you would need to sort the license issue out within that time period.

    Hope this helps.

    ~Mr Rochey~

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    That ram case was with 8 . Version 8.1 is the best ever version of windows ??

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    Better u ask help from Computer Experts

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