what is the best way to draw an anime head?

I'm not good at drawing anime head so what is the best way to attack this?

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    Here is a decent introduction to drawing an anime-style head in various positions: http://goku-no-baka.deviantart.com/art/Tutorial-Dr...

    And here is a tutorial on how to draw a basic female anime character's head: http://naschi.deviantart.com/art/Learn-Manga-How-t...

    It's a little bit difficult to describe the whole process to you in words alone, because it's pretty much a visual thing, but I'll try my best.

    The basic form of a head - ANY head - begins with a circle. It doesn't need to be perfect because it's just a guideline; you'll likely end up erasing or covering most of it as you draw in the details (unless the character you're drawing is, say, bald). Once you have your circle, you need to decide what direction the head is facing (i.e. where the character face is pointing towards). This doesn't necessarily have to be the direction that the character is looking in, but it will dictate how the rest of the face is drawn. Once you know what direction you want, you need to draw what are called "axis lines" where the face is to go. Axis lines are a pair of horizontal and vertical lines that show the basic position of the face on the head. Basically, you're drawing a "plus' sign where the face goes. The vertical line of the plus is used to show the center of the face, where the face is symmetrical (and thus where the nose, mouth, and chin will line up), while the horizontal line is usually used to determine the eye level (how high on the face the eyes will be drawn). After the axis is drawn, most people begin to draw the actual shape of the head by extending it from the circle, and using the axis as a guide. The chin usually comes first. The best way to sum it up is, if you try to draw an egg that's upside down, you would just add a slight point to the bottom of the circle, lining it up with the vertical axis line, and there you have it. Everyone who draws anime or manga does chins a little bit differently, but that's the basic way of doing. Depending on how long you want your character's face to be, you can make the chin very small and close to the circle, giving the impression of a rounder, more compact head (this is often how chibi is done), or long and slender, to give the character a "tall" looking face. It's really up to you.

    Once the rudimentary form of the head is drawn, next come the actual facial features. These can differ widely in appearance based on proportions and your own imagination, but their placement on the face is usually the same no matter what type of head you draw. Remember that the horizontal axis is used to determine where the eyes will be drawn. With that in mind, begin to draw the basic shape of the eyes. Pay attention to the spacing between them, as this can have a drastic effect on how your character looks. In general, eyes should be at the middle of either side of the horizontal axis, to keep the spacing looking natural (this may not always be the case, but it's a consistent rule of thumb). After the basic form of the eyes is drawn, the nose comes next. Most of the time, the bridge of the nose is halfway between the eye level (the horizontal axis) and the chin. Remember that it should also line up with the vertical axis and the chin itself, to keep the face symmetrical. Drawing a nose itself doesn't require much skill, depending on how complicated you draw them. Many artists settle for a small triangle to represent the bottom of the nose, or even just a dot, but how you draw your nose is up to you. Be sure to make it long enough, and take into account that as the nose goes "up" the face, it sort of leads into the eye sockets.

    Then there is the mouth. The mouth is typically half way between the nose and the point of the chin, and how long that is can depend on how long your character's face is, but the position is always the same. The shape and size of the mouth can also have a large effect on the character's expression, so it may be a good idea to learn about drawing various expressions as well. The last element of the head is the ears. The top of the ears usually line up with the eye level, or some part of eye (depending on how big the ears are), and the ear lobe lines up with the nose.

    By now, the basic face should be drawn. If you haven't already drawn your character's irises and pupils, now is the time to do so. Eyes are one of the most varied and diverse elements of anime and manga characters, so how you draw these is really up to you. Many start with a simply circle in each eye and work from there, drawing a small circle inside that one as the pupil, but it's up to you. Pay EXTRA attention to the position of the iris in each eye'; if they're not spaced correctly then your character will look cross-eyed. Once you've drawn the iris and pupil, you may add eye lashes, highlights, shading, or anything else you feel is necessary to make the eyes "pop". After the eyes are finished, the eyebrows will finish the face and set the character's expression. Eyebrows also vary a lot in appearance, but the basic shapes are arching lines above the eyes. Like with the eyes, the spacing of these needs to be correct in order to keep the face's symmetry, so be careful.

    The actual face should be finished now. If you're satisfied with how the face looks, the next thing your character needs is hair. Since this is an anime/manga character, you can give virtually any hairdo to your character as long as it works for you and it's actually recognizable as hair (or even if it's not). Even so, it's not a bad idea to take note of things such as the roots of the hair (where it grows out from on the head), how it falls on the face, and how it conforms to the head. Once that's done, shade the hair accordingly and add highlights when needed. If your character's hair conceals a large part of his/her face, consider adding shadows to the face to give the illusion of depth between the face and the hair.

    And that should be just about it, you should now have a successfully drawn anime-style face! But if your first attempt doesn't quite live up to your standards, don't give up! It takes a ton of practice to develop a knack for drawing faces in this style, just like in any style, so you need to put plenty of time and effort into improving at it. If you do, then in good time, you'll have mastered drawing heads in the anime style. Remember to try drawing the head from various angles and positions, so you don't abuse the same angle too much, and so that you can gain a good understanding of how the head looks from all directions.

    And above all, have fun!

    I hope any of this helps you. Good luck!

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    How To Draw Anime Head

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