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Can someone explain the guidelines for wisdom teeth extraction??

I was terrified to get them out but i waited 4 years to get removed out of fear.But i finally did it yesterday at 10:30 am so it has been exactly 24 hours.So people who have this done or recently got it.Can you give me any aftercare guidelines and tips on how to prevent dry sockets.I smoked 3 cigarettes one beforehand and two after the surgery i already found out spitting and any sucking action eg drinking out of a straw\

bottle can cause it also.How long do you stay away from heavy food or pop?How was the healing process for you?

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  • 7 years ago

    Step 1: Stop smoking - not forever, but at least until the extraction sites are fully healed (Anywhere from a week to longer). The nicotine in the cigarettes make it hard for the blood to clot and heal up. When I had my two taken out, I avoided all foods except for popcicles and mashed potatos for like three-four days and gradually worked my way up to normal foods. You're going to want to avoid crunchy foods for longer, but it really depends on how fast you heal.

    My healing process was pretty easy. I took ibuprofen and vicodin (I think) for the pain, until I realized I was allergic to the pain meds. But by then (I think it was day four), I wasn't really having any pain anyway. I avoided hard foods, sucking motion, etc. for a few days and then began using the syringe my dentist gave me.

    All in all, I'd follow the instructions your doctor gave you.

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