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How to tell someone they dress wrong?

I can hear my granny telling me her famous "you take care of your business, I'll take care of mine" on this one... But, my mother in law is in her mid 40s and believes in dressing rather provocatively. It happens (usually) when I come and visit and her husband is around. She is large busted and petite (skinny everywhere else) and wants everyone on earth to know it (its all she or her husband talk about). She wears extremely skin tight shirts and jeans around my two sons. One of our sons is still an infant, but I find it highly distasteful and wrong. My Christian beliefs would say for a woman to dress modestly and they are Christian, or say they are and should know this also. I know she has low self esteem and is jealous of my youth and my curves. How can I politely tell her that it is irritating and vulgar the way she dresses? If her husband is not around she dresses normally. I dont get it.

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    It sounds as if the husband and wife are doing what makes them happy in their relationship. Besides, does she come to you and tell you that you dress too modestly?

    Have you talked with your husband? Perhaps he could shed some light into his parent's relationship and as to why she dresses this way.

    Christian beliefs are often misconstrued by and only relative to the observer. You'll have to take that with a pinch of salt. It is not your place to tell anyone but your children how to dress. You do have the option of not taking your children to see their grandparents as often, but you need to talk with your husband on this matter.

    I am of a strict upbringing, and I can say that I understand your concerns. But as long as you lead the Christian life you want to live for your family, you will be okay. If anything, you can use this as an example in teaching your children that people are different and why your beliefs are better for them.

    Try to be optimistic. Good luck.

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    People can dress how ever they want. Also, you should not try to influence some one into doing something because of your own beliefs. Your not going to change the way she dresses. Just ignore it.

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