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Why am I so tired at random times?

This started when I got in middle school and has gotten worse since I got into high school. I have energy but I get sick a lot and I think that is one of the issues causing it. I have purple coloring underneath my eyes and like bags under my eyes as well. I don't know why I go to bed at 8 or 9 pm on school nights because I have to be up at 5:00 am so I get sleep. I wake up in the middle of the night like I can just be dreaming and know what is going on around me mainly when i'm still dreaming and my body is awake I guess and my mom comes in at 6:30 to ask if I want to get up to eat something and walk the dogs before she goes to work. The last time this happened I was out of school for 2 weeks because my doctor thought I had mono(and the place my mom takes me to seems like they got their degrees out of a cereal box because of them saying I don't have something then we end up back their with me being worse) and I couldn't go to school because I was so tired. And no i'm not a person who is depressed, I am usually energetic and all over the place, but I just get bouts of being really tired at random times and no matter how much I sleep they things under my eyes don't go away. Because of that people keep asking me if i'm depressed at school and I tell them no i'm just tired I just didn't get much because I waking up in the middle of the night. I'm not like one of those other 16 year old's who stay up until like 1am then wake up at 6am Why am I really tired even though I get enough sleep? And why do I wake up at random times in the middle of the night and knowing what is going on before I do wake?

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    To combat fatigue perhaps the energy vitamin B12 can help or a vitamin B complex. Coenzyme Q10 can also help to boost your energy level as in The super food Spirulina is another good energy booster.

    One of the most common fatigue causes is anxiety which is a state of fear of real or imagined danger, which is manifested as increased heart rate, trembling, panic, weakness, extreme fatigue and stomach or intestinal discomfort.

    Besides anxiety there are many other common fatigue causes such as insufficient sleep, too much sleep, under eating, thyroid problems or other illnesses (such as anemia, mononucleosis, CFS, glandular fever and many others), side effects from medication, dehydration, overexertion, an unhealthy diet and other causes as discussed in

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    The same thing used to happen to me, it could be iron deficiency. Go to a different doctor and get your blood drawn to see what you're sensitive to, I'm sensitive to a lot of things. When I eat those things, I get very very tired and I don't want to get up. So just check to see, and balance them out.

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    it could be iron deficiency and zinc supplement could reduce the tiredness. is your period normal? have plenty of spinach and greens to increase iron in blood. a visit to a female doctor would help very much. try eating dates regularly too

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    get checked for a gluten intolerance - i have this is causes tiredness - this could be a dietary issue

    i would look carefully into your diet

    glandular fever is another one that young people get

    talk to your doctor - it could be a few things

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    maybe you have low iron, go and get some blood work for different things, feel better!

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