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How to read when there's a lot of noise?

A few months ago a girl and her young daughter moved in next door and every day they make a lot of bangs which I assume is the child running around the mum playing with her. We also live right next to a noisy pub that has live music every weekend and a main road where there are cars constantly going past.

You can imagine how hard it is to read with all that noise. Is there anything I can do that can take my mind off the noise when I try to read?

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    try noise-canceling headphones.

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    go to your local Library to read there nothing you can do with the pub because they need to make money theres nothing you can do with the main road because people have places to go you could tell the lady next door to quite down but she could take it wrong way is your lease almost up with your apartment you should look for another place to live not near a pub or main road

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    You could tell them politely to stop making so much noise because you are trying to read. Or you could go to the library and read and also you could go to a friends house or someone from your relatives house and read. That's what I do when I want to read with out noise.

    Hope this helped:)

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    You could use your headphones to listen to relaxing music, or nature sounds, or you could talk to the girl

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    Talk your family into moving?

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