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What is best raw diet for dogs?

I want to feed my 3 year old smallish cross breed spayed ***** a raw diet. She currently has Arden Grange complete dried food and most days she has raw chicken wings as a treat which she loves and she enjoys any other raw meat when available.

She has no commercial treats and I only ever give her the healthy leftovers, she is not a scavenger and responds to toys and praise when training and is in very good health but I want to feed her a more natural diet.

What is best way to feed a totally raw diet? Can she have just a variety of raw meat and bones or will she need other nutrients? I know some people give raw fruit and veg too but is this necessary?

Many thanks for reading.

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    If you feed Arden Grange then you must be UK.

    First of all it isn't good at all to give raw meat and kibble and rather than explain it all about the ph levels and the risk of salmonella then read this. Basically, until the ph level drops to a more acidic environment then it will not deal with raw meat appropriately.

    The site below is a good one.

    It is your choice whether you feed veg or not but most of us feel the dogs don't need them. I have prey model raw fed for years and years, but I have a friend who has always given veg as well, and her dogs are so long lived that I have relented and given some WITHIN the food. That food is from NUTRIMENT which is a factory just down the road to me and the food is very very good.

    I would suggest you base your raw around something commercially produced like this to start with and then get more diverse with it by getting whole rabbits, pigs trotters, lamb, and lots of different offal, sardines (supermarket and freeze).. and eggs.

    Their food is very good and they add quite a lot of nutritious stuff... have a read of the site.

    But please choose one or the other and not raw and kibble.

  • The ratio generally is 80% muscle meat (including heart), 10% organs and 10% bone (especially make sure these bones aren't cooked as they can splinter). Other food you can feed is rice, vegetables and raw eggs.

    Begin with white meat like chicken and turkey and gradually progress to red if you wish to. Make sure you know a good butcher well as you can often buy whole parts of animals for a discount price, then there is no need to buy them all separately! You can then freeze what you wish and get it to defrost the day you plan to feed it.

    The amount to feed is 2-3% of the ideal adult weight, as she is a mix get her weighed by the vet and if she is the right weight then feed 2-3% of that. 2% if she is not an active breed, 3% if very active.

    You've made a great decision and best of luck! :)

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    Mostly meat. They're selective carnivores...

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