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hitting puberty 3 years early, will i stop growing?

i had my period at 9 it was 3 years early bec. 12 was the average age to start puberty, now my problem is, will i continue to grow even if i hit the 3 years maximum of growing up after a girls first 3 years menstruation. im 13 and short :( (146cm-90.3lbs) would vitamins help me grow taller? besides im not 16 yet.

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    The rules are not quite as cut and dried as you make them out to be. Girls grow fastest before their first period, true, but they can continue to grow slowly for years afterward, even into their early twenties. They just aren't likely to grow very much after they start menstruating. You might still grow 5-8 cm. You won't really know until you're there, but look around at close female relatives to get an idea of how tall you'll eventually be.

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    No vitamins wont help you grow taller. Before you are born, your final height is pre-determined in your genetics and you can never exceed what it will be, but you can fall below of what it could be. Vitamins may ensure you reach your full potential, but not grow taller than that, its not possible. Hitting puberty early is the main reason as to why some people are shorter as compared to others.

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    I had mine at 10 and I'm 2–3 inches shorter than my doctor thought I'd be. I don't know if that helps. Vitamins won't do you any good unless your doctor tell you that you're deficient and should take them.

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