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Is this a date or just hanging out?

I'm 14 hes 16. He just moved in and lives 2 houses down from me. We met through texting by chance.. Been talking for a few days, haven't really spoken in real life. He calls me cute and beautiful while we're texting based on my profile pictures and stuff. He's coming over today to watch a movie on netflix... Do you think this is just hanging out or a date? If he thinks I'm attractive, do you think he's going to do anything? Thanks.

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    I'd say he definitely likes you. If you like him and want him to kiss you or something, just look in to his eyes and smile.. That's like the national sign for "kiss me." If you're worried that he may think it's a date and you don't wanna take anything further with him, then just sit a little farther apart and make it clear that you're not there for anything intimate or flirty. You're in control of the situation it seems.. From this point I think you can make the situation between you two whatever you want it to be. Relationship or friendship.

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