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Can you put a betta in a Fish bowl while cleaning it's tank?

When i clean my betta's water, I usually put him in a fish bowl. Is that ok?


I usually dump him in the bowl with some of the old water from the tank, I don't use a fish net to take him out

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    Yes that's just fine. :) The only thing I would suggest is to make sure the water in the fish bowl is at least 2 inches lower than the rim of the bowl, as it's not fun to come back and play "Find the fish" after he's jumped out and landed on the floor somewhere.

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    Assuming you have the correct size tank there is no reason to remove the fish. It will only stress the fish and is not needed. The fish will move when you remove water. If it can't either you are doing too large a water change (15-50% is all that is needed) or the tank is too small (bettas need 5+ gallon with filter and heater).

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    A Betta fish should be in a 5 Gallon tank with a filter and heater and the tank should of been cycled .All you should be doing is 25% weekly with a Gravel vac and the Betta does not come out of the tank .

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    You can do put them in anything you like for a time as long as its clean and you use tank water and not new water. Dumping him in new water will shock him.

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