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Bleeding after intercourse not a virgin?

I lost my virginity a while ago and I have a new boyfriend and we decided to have sex. Though I am extremely small and my boyfriend is way bigger than me. I bleed after sex but I wasent a vigin

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    He must be too big for you so you may have to let him go. Say If you dated me you would not have this problem if you know what I mean

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    If you are too tight it means your body is Not aroused and Wet enough- the Female Body Needs Plenty of Foreplay ( at least 15 minutes worth) to be ready for sex

    For the most part, just like bleeding from any other part of your body, bleeding that comes with or follows intercourse or any other kind of sex is due to an injury. How can injury happen during sex? In a few different ways:

    1.) If a person with a vulva isn't aroused (sexually excited) enough, or at all, before and during entry,

    often the vaginal opening and vagina will have not loosened and/or self-lubricated enough for entry or intercourse to be pleasurable for her or truly workable.

    In other words, it may be possible, in that their partner can manage to force their penis (or whatever else) into the vagina, but it often won't feel good to that receptive partner, and often results in tearing of or abrasions to the tissues of the vulva, vagina or cervix. Suffice it to say, if a woman isn't consenting to sex at all, but is sexually assaulted, bleeding is very common for this reason.

    2.) When a partner is too rough. If a partner is too rough or forceful with their penis, fingers or a sex toy, whether a woman is aroused or not, that can cause injury and bleeding

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