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What to do to loose fat around muscles?

Hi I'm 17 years old, soon to be 18 in April, and since around Summertime I got some weights and starting doing all sorts of different exercises, originally to build up my shoulders. Now a few months later I've kinda got the hang of what's going on and my reps have changed quite a bit; I went from doing different lifts throughout the day at pretty much random moments to now, which is 2 sets of about 11reps and then maybe a third one later on in the day, I'm also lifting about 10kg on each arm.

Now, I've been told that you should do less weight and more reps to "tone up" but according to friends I'm skinny enough and should just be lifting most possible to see a difference, I've been doing in for about a month and a bit now and I've haven't noticed loads of difference and I still have folds of skin inbetween my chest and shoulders/arms which I would really like to get rid of. So any tips on that would be great, and also I feel like my arm is not toned enough either; I can see my biceps pretty nicely but then around my triceps and back of shoulders it's all a bit fatty .. Maybe do more back exercises? (atm not doing any)

But I am doing:

-11 biceps curls (each arm)

-11 Hammer curls (each arm)

-15 lying fly (for chest)

-10 bench press

-11 shoulder press

-11 upright row

-11 lateral raise

-35 Two-Arms Triceps Extension

- and some forearm lifts too

And that about two times with a break of like 2mins

And also I do this three days a week then the other three cardio (runs,etc ..)

So I'd just like to know if there's anything I should be doing more of quicker sets or even the method, or even my diet .. who knows?? So any help/tips etc. on helping me looking good for summer will be very much accepted ! Thanks in Advance

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    Serious muscle definition usually doesn't come quickly sometimes it can take 6 months to see a big difference

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    Less weight more reps and more cardio

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