Change legal guardianship in Colorado?


I'm 16 years old and am hoping to change legal guardianship from my father to a family biologically unrelated to me. My father may be going to prison for a year one week from today, and he is the only one in my close family able to care for me. As it is now, if he were to be convicted, I would have to move to another state to finish my senior year of high school and move in with my distant uncle/grandfather. In order to avoid this fate, I would like to move in with a friend's family who lives close by. I have my father's consent to do this, I'm just unsure as to how I should proceed.



Answers are great so far - I was also just wondering if I would have to go through court in order to do this. Like, would a simple letter from my father be sufficient, or is there actual paperwork involved?

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  • HJW
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    7 years ago

    If your father consents to this YES you can move with friend's family. Besides who would check on you since you have nobody else. Get your father to write a letter authorizing you to move in sign it have another person witness/sign. Only thing CPS may look into this but I doubt it. Be sure once the letter is done to make a copy and keep separate. Good luck to you.


    Came back to give a link on letter for consent:

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