Suggestions for printing complications, anyone?

So, I had this all-in-one Dell printer, which came as a gift when I bought my Pc 5 years ago, it was a great experience, until I ran out out ink. The ink was about Rs2000 {Mauritian Rupees}, so around $55 I think, Instead of buying the ink, I got a new Hp printer for less than $30, but it doesn't include a scanner, One can only print with it from the computer. So whenever I needed to make a photocopy, I'd scan the paper with the Scanner of the Dell printer to my computer; but then, when printing the picture, the picture would always be in a different size. FYI: I used Ms Paint to print it, because Picasa and using the Hp toolbox would always take an eternity to do the job. So can Anyone suggest any good and "quick" printing software?

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  • Marduk
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    7 years ago
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    I use to a laser printer that isn't that good for photos and they come out decent. will allow you to resize your pictures also. When scanning use a 300DPI setting this will allow you to have a nice scanned picture. 150DPI is what most photos are scanned as for high quality. Never work on the original scanned picture, always work on a copy if you screw up.

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    You may just try "Paint" application from windows, it's very simple. Right click on the picture you want to print-> click on "Open with" -> click on "Paint", thus you open the picture.Then click on the icon at top left corner before "Home" tab, click on "print" -> "page setup", then to print.

    Photoshop certainly is more functional, but you may not have it.

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