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What does she want from me?


my name is Max and I'm 15 years old. I changed school two months ago, but haven't really found friends yet. Just this one girl that is the ex-girlfriend from a boy from my old school trys to be friends (or more) with me I guess. She gave me her number and we wrote about sex and stuff (We're both virgins) + she sent me pictures of her legs. She asked me if I wanted to smoke w33d with her last week. I said yes (don't tell me about how bad it is and so on please). Yesterday she said she gets some in a few days and that we can do it then in a few days. She sent me a picture of hmm something like a softporn. That stuff you find on tumblr ( people in that picture still had clothes on :p). Maybe she sent it because she likes me in that way, i dont know. I said "Yeah, we can do that too." and she laughed and said "Yeah, sure". Was that her serious? ^^ (We are writing over facebook)

Sorry for my bad grammar.

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    hmm i think she was trying to make you impressed about sex . keep it up :)

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