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how much is it to have something air mailed or EMS from Japan to America please answer asap?

How much does it cost to have things air mailed or EMS from Japan to America I want to buy 3 lolita dresses (a Japanese fashion such cute dresses )1 pair of black Mary Jane 1 hair bow I live in N.Y

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    It depends on how heavy they are and who you are ordering from. I bought from innocent world : 1 jsk, 1 pair socks, 1 headbow. The shipping came to $30 in Washington. Its always expensive, especially if it's tracked. If you're ordering from bodyline, they give you shipping prices and options at checkout. You can often ask for quotes on shipping prices from companies as well! Or you can order from tokyo rebel, a store (sadly it closed, but it's still online) in New York. Also angelic pretty USA, Baby the stars shine bright USA, the fairytale boutique are all in America. There is also a bookstore where you can get lolita books like the gothic and lolita bible! It's called kinokuniya or something...

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