what are things you find hard to push yourself to do? your zodiac sign?

I struggle with getting myself to clean, pay bills, check mail, talk to people im suppose to talk to.Mainly routine things most people do. I really cant get myself to do these things. It takes a lot.

Scorpio sun

libra moon


No flowers, I just really dont like doing these things. I really dont. Paying my bills im always late and pay the fee. I rather do that than paynon time.

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  • Seer
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    7 years ago
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    Hey I did those dishes that were there for weeks for you.. There were some bugs and mold growing in it, but don't worry I got it man.

    But Yo, take a shower... Please.

    EDIT: ''I really cant get myself to do these things'' C'mon stop being lazy.. YES you CAN! LITTLE PR!CK!!! You need to man up and take care of your responsibilities. ^o)


  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Oh my gosh.. there must be something with your 6th house or Virgo. I don't keep up with friends very well even though we are facebook friends, or relatives, some of my relatives are distant or don't like me (rude to me). Signing up for health insurance, and trying to clean my dogs teeth and trim his nails, he recently became afraid of all grooming things except for the brush.

    I guess confrontation is difficult at times. Facing the issues that are now facing you.

    Maybe you want inspiration in your life.

  • Being kind to people even though I think their a piece of ****. That sucks

    -Virgo sun

    -Aquarius moon

  • 7 years ago

    listen and follow authority , listen to bullshit, lies etc "**** I dont like!!"

    scorpio sun

    aquarius moon

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