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What personal questions do psycologists ask on the first visit?

I'm going to see one soon for my anxiety and i just wanted to know what personal questions they will ask me. Thanks.

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    The first visit is a getting to know you visit. They will ask about your family history--about what it was like growing up. Did Mom and Dad both work, or was Mom in the home? What did they do for a living? Was there any drug or alcohol use or abuse in the home? Any history of mental illness? What about brothers and sisters? Are you the oldest, youngest, or somewhere in between? Any sibling rivalry going on? Was there a favorite? They'll ask about your relationship with your parents, whether you got along, or whether there was always conflict over grades, boyfriends, curfew and the like. They'll ask about school. Did you like school? Did you make good grades? What was your favorite subject? They'll ask about friends--whether you had just a few close friends or if you were a social butterfly. What about social stuff? Did you participate in school activities and social clubs, or were you a homebody? Dating? Are you seeing someone now? If you're an adolescent, they'll ask about all of this in the context of you living at home with your parents, having never lived on your own or experienced much of the world yet. If you're an adult, they'll ask you all this and add what things are like now in the context of your adult life--work, marriage (if you're married) etc. They're trying to get a picture of what things were and are like for you in the grander scheme of things so they have a reference point for when y'all start talking about your anxiety.

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    That depends entirely on the persons medical history.

    A psychologist is there to help you. refusing to answer ANY personal questions will make your appointment a waste of time for the both of you.

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    they ask family history, whats going on y ur there

    any sucidal thoughts

    do u drink or smoke

    things like that.

    u have to fill out paper work on age weight etc.

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    What so you can prepare yourself to lie to them if it suits you, just go n be honest so they can do thier job properly

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    email me.

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