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Need info on Sleepy Hollow NY?

Besides the Headless Horseman, what other legends and stories are there? Anything Regarding witches? Also is Sleepy Hollow a big place?

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    About 10,000 people live there, so it's not so big; not by US standards anyway.

    Beyond the obvious Headless Horseman legends, there's a few ghost myths around the graveyard (where Washington Irving, the writer of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow is buried) and the manor house nearby.

    Apart from that, it really is a sleepy little town. Ironically enough, given it's strong association with myths and legends, one of the presenters of Mythbusters comes from there. Maybe it inspired him? Lol

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    Sleepy Hollow is not a large town or villages, But it does have an history of Indian attacks and its fair share of ghost stories........... I also know that you do have an computer whereas you can look up all the information about Sleepy Hollow for yourself............... Another thing you have a lot of people that Sleepy Hollow does not exist except in a story well I am here to tell all of those people that sleepy Hollow does exist................................. I also know that the Book Sleepy Hollow was written by a slave and that story is part of the reason why Sleepy Hollow exist today.................

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